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How long will the ink last?


  • Can I buy ink refills?

    At the moment we don't sell ink as a stand-alone product, only when ordered with stamps. We are working on offering our sustainable soy-based inks - stay tuned!

  • What color ink do you have?

    At the moment we have 4 ink colors:

    • Black
    • Blue (Closest to PMS 300 C)
    • Red (Closest to PMS 032 C)
    • Green (Closest to PMS 354 C)


  • What are your stamps made of?

    noissue Stamps are made from quality materials, so that they have a longer lifetime. Your stamp also comes with a soy-based ink pad or cartridge, soy inks are a renewable resource, and leave no petroleum behind - so you can use it on compostable materials.

    Self-inking - These are made from over 65% post-consumer waste plastic and come with a soy-based ink cartridge.

    Manual - These are made from FSC certified wood and a rubber pad.


  • What materials can I stamp?

    noissue Stamps can be used on a variety of materials!

    From the fun we have had so far with our stamps - they work really well on cards, boxes, paper bags, hang tags wood and coffee cups! We can't wait to see how you are using your stamps at #noissuestamps


  • How long will the ink last?

    The ink in our ink pads should last at a very minimum of 6 months. To preserve the ink, keep the lid closed when not using it so that the ink won't dry.

    Our self-inking stamp is good for well over 500 impressions before needing to apply more ink. To do this, you just need to remove the cartridge and add ink to the pad.

  • Do noissue Stamps come with ink?

    Sure do!

    Our self-inking stamps come preloaded with an ink cartridge of the color you selected and our manual wooden stamps come with an ink pad, also with the color you selected.

    All of the ink that we use is soy-based, so rest assured there are no nasty chemicals involved.


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