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Are they Recyclable?


  • Can I get samples of these?

    We are working on including these in all sample packs, bear with us as we get that sorted!

    If it is essential you touch and feel these before purchasing, feel free to get in touch with the team and we will get it sorted for you.

  • Are they Recyclable?

    These are made from a combination of 100% recycled LDPE (4) and HDPE (2).

    The numbers in brackets represent which recycling plastic these materials belong to so that these can be sorted correctly.

    It is best to check on what regulations are in place in your area around recycling regulations. Most local councils & governments will have detailed information readily available for this and will be able to tell you where is best to recycle these.

  • Do they have a shelf life?

    These should be fine to last as long as you need them! To avoid the ink fading over time, keep them in the carton they come in until ready to use.

  • What thickness are they?

    noissue Recycled Mailers are 60UM or 2.36mil thick.

    From the tests we have done, this is the optimum thickness to withstand domestic and international shipping whilst using as little material and keeping the mailers as light as we can.

  • What sizes can I buy?

    There are 4 sizes of the noissue Recycled Mailer:

    • 165mm x 230mm 
    • 260mm x 385mm
    • 300mm x 420mm
    • 370mm x 480mm

    There are 2 adhesive strips on each mailer and the flap size is 80mm. If you aren't sure what size will work best for your products, feel free to get in touch with the team and we can help figure it out!

  • What are noissue Recycled Mailers made of?

    The noissue Recycled Mailer is made out of 100% recycled plastic!

    This means that we only ever use waste plastic to make our mailers and are never producing new or virgin plastic. As well as this, the mailers are 100% recyclable so that they can become be made into something else and is commonly referred to in the industry as a circular economy product.

    See more on Circular Economies here.

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