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What sizes do Kraft Mailers come in?


  • What sizes do Kraft Mailers come in?

    We have 3 sizes of customizable Kraft Mailers available; small, medium, and large.




  • What's the minimum number of Kraft Mailers I need to order?

    As low as 250!

    We have standard pricing for our Kraft Mailers for quantities of 250, 500, 1000, and 2000. If you want to order more than this, simply get in touch with the team here and we can get you sorted.

  • Can I print metallics & neon colors on Kraft Mailers?

    We can print metallic & neon colors but only with 1 Color designs. Unfortunately we haven't quite worked out how to do a 4C process with these color variations, but we're working on it!

  • What makes your Kraft Mailers sustainable?

    the noissue Kraft Mailer fits within 2/3 of our sustainability framework as they are made from recycled materials and are compostable! 

    These are made from 100% Recycled FSC Paper, which means no virgin pulp has been used, only pulp from paper that has been used at least once already. As well as that, we print with soy-based inks which makes these are really easy to recycle and compost!

    Once your customer has finished unpacking their goodies, it's best to recycle these so they can be used over and over.

  • Are the Kraft Mailers waterproof?

    They should be fine with a few drops of rain, but they are made completely from recycled paper with no coating, so if you are worried about your items getting wet we would advise using either of our 100% Compostable or Recycled Mailers

  • Can I ship fragile items in these?

    We would certainly not advise it!

    The Kraft mailers are thick and durable, but there is no padding inside the mailers. These are great for shipping:

    • Prints and cards
    • Apparel
    • Books & Magazines
    • Photos 
    • Calendars
    • Artwork

    If you want to check what would be best to ship your items, just ask the team!

  • Can I print on both sides of the Kraft Mailer?

    Of course! 

    If you need help from our team getting your design just right, just reach out to us here

  • Can you print on both sides of the flap?

    Sure can! If you want your customers to open their package and be surprised with a message on the inside of the flap, no problem. Just let our design team know what you want to do here and we can make it happen :)

  • Are your Kraft Mailers Padded?

    Unfortunately not yet, but we are working on it!

  • How many colors can I print on Kraft Mailers?

    We use a few different print methods for our Kraft mailers depending on the design you send our way! We can print offset and match to 1 or 2 Pantone colors, or we can use a 4 Color process and print CMYK, meaning you can print any design you want!

    If getting an exact match on your colors is important, we recommend matching to a Pantone as CMYK can sometimes be 5-10% different.

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