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  • What does noissue's FSC certification mean?

    FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization that promotes responsible forest management. FSC certification guarantees that materials used to make our products come from responsibly managed forests that meet the environmental, social, and economic standards of the FSC.

    noissue is an FSC promotional license holder - you can verify by searching for us ("no issue") here. This confirms our supply partners hold an FSC certification. We state the certification on every webpage of applicable products.

    Check out the FSC website for more info.



    You can also check out this video to hear about our other certifications:


    If you can have any other questions about noissue's certifications, just get in touch with us here, and we’ll be happy to help.

  • What is the noissue Eco-Alliance?

    The noissue Eco-Alliance is a growing community of businesses, makers, and brands who choose to utilize sustainable packaging and are committed to being better together!

    In partnership with the amazing One Tree Planted, our Eco-Alliance tree planting program contributes to reforestation and carbon offsetting by planting 1 tree for every order placed through noissue. Different locations are prioritized as global reforestation needs change (you can view an updated list here), but where you want your trees planted is entirely up to you. We’re proud to make a difference together, one tree at a time.

    You can join the Eco-A party, sport your support via our Eco-A badge, and read more about this initiative here.


    If you have any other questions about the Eco-Alliance, just get in touch with us here, and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Where are noissue products made?

    We have amazing manufacturers all over the world who share our vision of accessible, sustainable packaging! We currently have hubs in Asia, North America, UK/ Europe, and we're actively expanding so we can further localize our supply chains and limit our carbon footprint more and more - all while maintaining the same high quality, sustainable products at accessible order quantities.

    Alongside this effort, we have a company initiative to offset our carbon footprint by planting trees to help with global reforestation. Feel free to check it out and get involved with our Eco-Alliance!


    If you'd like to learn more, check out our Sustainability page, or you can get in touch with us here with any questions.

  • How is noissue working towards carbon neutrality?

    noissue is excited to be working towards carbon neutrality by 2022, and we’re starting with measuring, reducing and offsetting one of the biggest sources of our emissions: the carbon from our shipping.

    You can join our Eco-Packaging Alliance - our company initiative to offset our carbon footprint and help with global reforestation by planting trees on your behalf for every order.

    Sustainability is one of our founding principles, and we encourage you to read more about our journey to carbon neutrality here, as well as our Sustainability Framework for 2021.


    If you have any other questions about this topic, just get in touch with us here, and we’ll be happy to help.


  • The Wrap


    What is The Wrap?

    The Wrap is noissue’s publication for modern brands, makers, and creatives around the world. It’s a collective space/blog where we provide content that gives businesses of all sizes the tools to succeed - check it out here!

    On The Wrap, you’ll find helpful business, marketing, branding, design, and sustainability advice. We also love to profile the wonderful members of our different communities, so whether you’re a maker, a creative, or an entrepreneur, you’ll find stories about people just like you.


    How do I contribute to The Wrap?

    Have something you want to share with the noissue crowd? Let’s hear it! We welcome submissions for content that is relevant and valuable to The Wrap and our audience.

    You’re welcome to link to your own website up to 2 times per article, with 1 of those links located in the footnote/author bio, so our community can connect with you!

    Send your pitch to us at press@noissue.co, and our team will review it before getting back to you!

  • Eco-Alliance


    What is the noissue Eco-Alliance?

    The noissue Eco-Alliance is a community of businesses, makers, and brands dedicated to making a difference together by using sustainable packaging products that are either compostable, recyclable, or reusable. Members can offset their shipping by planting a tree with every noissue order they place and continue advocating for a better world through our Eco-Alliance badge. You can read more about our Eco-A reforestation program here!


    How do I join the noissue Eco-Alliance?

    If you’re ready to make this commitment towards sustainability, we’d love to have you join our Eco-Alliance! You can find our application form here - feel free to check out this guide on joining Eco-A as well.

    If you’re already an Eco-A member, you'll receive a message that says “Congrats! You’re already part of the Alliance.” We’re glad to have you! 


    What are the perks of joining the noissue Eco-Alliance?

    Joining the Eco-Alliance is a win-win for you and the planet! Your perks include:

    • Access to our Eco-A badge, which can be shared with your customers to acknowledge your commitment to using sustainable packaging
    • Contributing to global reforestation - every order plants a tree in locations that are in need of reforestation (and it helps offset your shipping!)
    • Connecting with and gaining support from our incredible community of like-minded businesses
    • Getting featured on our website via The Wrap and online videos to showcase your brand’s sustainability and gain global visibility for your business

    Check out our Eco-Alliance HQ to see more and join the party!


    How do I sport my support for the noissue Eco-Alliance?

    Once you’ve joined the Eco-Alliance, you can spread the word by going to the Eco-Alliance HQ and downloading the Eco-A Badge Bundle, which includes our Eco-A badge in an array of colorways along with our custom sticker pack (these are perfect for Instagram and TikTok!).

    If you want to show off the badge on your own website, you can copy and paste the unique code that’s provided in the Sport Your Support section. 

     Check out this article for ideas on how you can incorporate the Eco-A badge into your brand!


    How do I get featured as a noissue Eco-Alliance member?

    Once you become a member of the Eco-Alliance (which you can do here), you’ll be able to get featured on The Wrap and gain support from around the world! Just fill out this form with all the necessary details - make sure you have high resolution images of your noissue products that you can submit.

    As a member, you’ll also be able to participate in our online videos series “Monthly Wrap Up Inspo” and “How I Got Started,” which you can apply for here.

  • Creative Community


    What is the noissue Creative Community?

    The noissue Creative Community is a collective of independent designers, studios, agencies and illustrators committed to helping makers and businesses bring their brand to life. Our global community is a hub for innovative creators to join forces, access resources, and enable businesses of all sizes to utilize talented Creatives and bespoke, sustainable packaging. 

    Check out our Instagram, Pinterest, and Creative Community page to explore our monthly perks, member benefits, inspiring stories and branding tips from fellow creatives, our monthly #noissuechallenge design challenge, and more!


    What are the perks of joining the noissue Creative Community?

    Every month, we release a new, unique perk to our Creative Community, specifically designed to help make Creatives’ lives a little easier:

    - Connection to and inspiration from our worldwide community of Creatives

    - Exclusive, free PSD mockups and perks to showcase your work

    - Special design challenges with features and prizes

    - Free sample packs, whenever and wherever you need them

    - Access to design custom noissue products

    - Feature opportunities on The Wrap and noissue social channels

    - Opportunity to sell template designs on noissue’s site through our Community Design program

    Whether it be free mockup PSDs to showcase your designs or custom stickers and gifs to spruce up your online presence, we’re here to support!


    How do I join the noissue Creative Community?

    If you’re a designer, creative studio or agency, or illustrator designing on behalf of clients, we’d love to have you join our Creative Community! You can find our application form here.


    What is Community Design?

    Community Design is a new initiative by noissue that bridges the gap between businesses in need of design assistance and our incredible worldwide community of Creatives, all through a seamless and easy-to-use onsite design feature. Check out this article for more info!

    You can currently browse through and use their beautifully crafted design templates for noissue Kraft Mailers, Stamps, and Cards - see what all the hype is about.

  • Industry Experts


    Who are the noissue Industry Experts?

    We’ve partnered with the best in the business to bring you all the resources you’ll need to build and grow a brand. Our Industry Experts span all specialties - from marketing, to logistics, to sustainability - this collective is designed to be your one-stop shop for small business support. Our Experts include various consultants, agencies, and enterprises from all around the world who are here to make your life as a small business owner easier.

    Check out our Industry Experts page to explore, meet, and learn from our directory of Experts!


    How do I become a noissue Industry Expert? 

    Want to share your expertise and connect with small businesses around the globe? We’d love to have you become a noissue Industry Expert - you can find our application form here.

  • Collaborators

    How do I get featured on noissue’s blog, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media?

    Want to get featured? Let us see how you’re using noissue! Tagging us in your content gives us visibility and helps us easily find your content. Here are the relevant handles and tags to use:

    We feature images that best represent noissue’s products, and we’d love to have yours on our feed!


    How do I contact noissue about being a collaborator?

    We’d love to hear more about yourself, your business/brand, and how you’d like to use noissue products! You can fill out our application form here, or you can send over your details to collabs@noissue.co, and we’ll reach out if there’s an active campaign that seems like a good fit. Be sure to include links to your social media, so we can get to know you as much as possible!

  • Plus


    What is noissue Plus?

    If your brand or company needs to place a large order (10K~100K+) that exceeds the maximum order quantities (MOQs) listed online, you can do so through noissue Plus!

    We’re happy to work with any company looking for higher order quantities, and when you become a Plus partner, we can often assist with more complex design, shipping, and product requirements that are unique to your company.

    Check out our noissue Plus page for more info!


    What does designing, pricing, and shipping look like for a noissue Plus order? 

    With noissue Plus, each noissue product in the Plus Product Catalog can be catered to your branding needs. Since every order is customized with unique specifications, pricing will depend on the details of your particular order.

    If your order is shipped via air freight, shipping will take around 3-4 weeks. If it’s shipped via sea freight, shipping will take around 8-10 weeks. We also offer hybrid shipping arrangements (air + sea) to meet your needs. 



    How do I order a noissue Plus Sample Pack? 

    Ordering a sample pack is a great idea if you’re wanting to get a feel for noissue’s top-notch products before you go all in. You can place an order for a noissue Plus Sample Pack here.


    How do I become a noissue Plus partner?

    If you’re looking for sustainable packaging in large quantities, we’d love to have you become a Plus partner! Be sure to check out our noissue Plus partner guide before filling out our application form here.


    How can noissue Plus partners showcase our sustainable packaging to customers? 

    We encourage you to declare your commitment to sustainable packaging by joining the noissue Eco-Alliance here!

    It’s not only a great way to communicate your switch to sustainable noissue packaging, but you’ll also be contributing to reforestation, carbon offsetting, and you’ll become a part of a community of like-minded, eco-conscious brands - oh, did we also mention that it’s completely free?

    Once you’ve signed on, you can share the Eco-Alliance badge on your website and social media channels so your customers know that they’re supporting a brand that’s committed to making a difference.


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